Tanya Houseman - Data + UX Research, Design, Strategy
Data + Ux is kind of like peanut butter + jellly

Content Creation/Strategy

Advertising Copywriting + Design

This gallery represents advertisements and collateral I write (with the exception of Ergonomics, which I also illustrated and designed. My process has always been to work with designers for concepts before I began writing. I also gathered metrics, when available, to see how the ads performed. The ads that I wrote for The Sacramento Bee, for example, were responsible for a 72% increase in incremental advertising, and one ad helped raise more than $73,000 for Shriners Hospital. Unfortunately, artifacts for content strategy are mostly company-confidential, although you can see some of the process in the ICF module for Work.


In addition to my user research and design, I have a foundation in media relations. Most notably, I have created ROI strategies for partners. corporate newsrooms, crisis communications plans, and the bread-and-butter of all media relations, stories.

At UC Davis I was a member of the University of California's Crisis/Emergency Communications Team. I also developed a crisis communication plan for the 2011 San Francisco Pow Wow, a trade show for 400 visiting journalists. 

David Handschuh of the New York Daily News said of one of my pitches:  "I've always enjoyed your city [San Francisco], your press releases and the opportunity to visit for pleasure or work but this release has to be one of the most amazingly different story tips that I have ever seen."

Below are direct links to the press releases that I created.