Tanya Houseman - Data + UX Research, Design, Strategy
Data + Ux is kind of like peanut butter + jellly

Cooley LLP

A law firm isn't a traditional place for a UX team. Cooley LLP created an internal UX team to improve customer service, reduce emails, and increase usability of its internal IS systems. In essence, our team helps improve lawyers' experience with technology so they can spend more time billing clients for legal work, and less time on fussing with software.

My role

I managed the internal communications, including designing/developing a weekly digest to help reduce email. In addition, I was an active part of the team that developed focus groups, pilots, UAT testing, and prototypes for internal IS applications. Some of my work included creating visual designs, including icons, journey maps, presentations, and photo illustrations. I also build dashboards for visualizing data.


User Research, Prototyping, Writing, Editing, Visual Design, Survey Development, Presentation Development and Presentation, Data Analytics


Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Zoom, Axure, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Microsoft Access

Heuristic Evaluation Example


I created this prototype so that we could discover if users new what to do with tiles and what some of their preferred applications were. We wanted to know which applications we needed to bundle when we deployed the new desktop, which was a big change from what staff were used to. (This is also created opportunities for training and communication). 

I used Axure for the prototyping tool so that I could simulate advanced animation. In this process I figured out how to show a drag-and-drop interaction between two separate panels.