Tanya Houseman - Data + UX Research, Design, Strategy
Data + Ux is kind of like peanut butter + jellly

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Tanya Houseman

Data Analyst | Designer

UX Researcher | Designer Content Strategist.

It's like a PBJ sandwich. Or coffee and cream. 

Qualitative and quantitative data go together like a PBJ sandwich. Or macaroni and cheese (pick your favorite artery bomb duo). Often both types of research are executed in silos, or one method is preferred for foundational research and the other for tactical.

As a UX researcher and data analyst|designer, I like to use both together.  Data analysis can show you what’s going on and point you North, and UX research can uncover why users do what they do and the context surrounding the challenge. Data visualization is also a great tactical tool for strategy, content, and uncovering details you haven’t thought about.  My experience incorporates data blending and shaping, as well as dashboard design and informational graphics.

This portfolio comprises the Gestalt of my career

  • Content in the forms of advertising, press relations and information architecture. 
  • UX Research
  • Data analysis and visualization

UX Design + Research

I cut my teeth in journalism -- I got to ask people questions (my favorite thing to do). That turned into a career in Marketing, and eventually, after building digital platforms, became a passion for user-centric solutions. I have experience in user research, rapid prototyping, creating visual elements for prototyping, creating and presenting findings, usability testing, icon creation and project management.


Data Visualization

Someone recently asked me if I was into people or things, like technology. I know data very well -- blending, shaping, SQL. But it's a means to an end to find out more about people and their behaviors. Even weather patterns -- the data helps you plan what to do if if the sun is out (or in the case of Seattle, not out). 


I love words and pictures. But only if they have an impact -- they have to help readers find what they're looking for, whether that be information, training, or entertainment. This also includes SEO because if your user can't find what you've written you may as well have not created it at all. Bill Gates said that content was king. I would like to amend that to "relevant content is king." This module includes my copywriting and photo editing.