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Clickagee WebXhibit

WebXhibit is a content management system (CMS) developed by Clickagee, a digital marketing agency specializing in B2D (business to dentist) marketing. The system needed to allow users to easily update web content without needing expertise in web and content development. When our team started the project, it was unclear who the users of the system would be and if this was a system that would appeal to dental staff.

My role

I managed the project, developed and executed the user research plan and usability studies, the project summary, icon development, interaction design, and redline/spec development.


User Research, RedLine Spec Writing, Visual Design, Agile Project Management, Design Studio, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Presentation Development, Presentation, Persona Development, User Scenario Development, User Workflows


Axure, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint, Omnigraffle

The Challenge

Clickagee is a digital marketing agency specializing in content strategy, search, social media, and CMS technology. Clickagee created a content management system (CMS) for its dental clients. The system would allow users to easily update their web content that was developed by Clickagee. It was unclear who would use the CMS, called WebXhibit – the Clickagee sales staff or staff at dental offices.

User research conducted with dental staff, dentists, sales people, content managers who have worked with Clickagee, showed us that anyone using this system would be inexperienced in web content development. The system would need to be simple and attractive to users.

The Discovery

We found that the CMS suffered from a confusing navigation and terminology, a system status that is unclear, no help or instructions. It was unclear if dental staff might or might not want to use CMS.

We had a week to conduct user research. Our client provided names of his clients, and we were able to interview a dentist who managed her own content, and did not have contact with Clickagee.

After conducting heuristic evaluations of other content management systems, especially systems that users we interviewed had some experience with, such as WordPress, Blogspot, and SquareSpace.

We used a benchmarking test before building our prototype. We had a dentist look at the CMS and see how she interacted with it. She did not understand much of the terminology but thought that the idea was great. She said she would like to understand how to market her practice better.

We conducted two more usability tests on the prototype via Usabilitytesting.com:

--We found that we needed to help users understand what analytics meant

--There was some confusion on what “news” meant

--Testers found it easy to accomplish the goals that we gave them (posting an article and checking to see how their website was doing.

The Solution

Clickagee's competitors were Sesame and Roadside Dental Marketing. We were not able to gather artefacts that showed that Clickagee’s competitors had a CMS, but were able to look at the websites to see where Clickagee had an advantage over its competitors.

Clickagee's advantage lied within its ability to focus on quick, responsive design. However, after interviewing users and potential users (those who managed dental practices, a dentist who liked managing her own content, and salespeople now using the site), it was clear that whoever the user was, the user was not a professional content manager. Nor would he or she ever be. The CMS would have to be simple, with opportunities for the user to get help when she needed it.

Meet Sarika Chowdry

We created a persona named Sarika Chowdry, the wife of a dentist. She also manages his dental practice and is busy scheduling appointments, working with dental staff, coordinating insurance, and is often interrupted. She likes making small changes on her website, but she doesn’t have a lot of experience. Furthermore, she doesn’t want to be a marketing expert, she just wants her family dental practice to succeed.

Her main pain points:

--Time constraints

--Lot of responsibilities

--Multiple Systems

--Differing Priorities

Design Studio

Clickagee originally wanted us to make its CMS "pretty," and fortunately, the CEO was open to the UX process.

We invited the Clickagee team to a Design Studio

The process gave our client first-hand knowledge about helping our persona, Sarika, meet her goals (while being sensitive to the constraints that she had).

Clickagee could see how creating a functional CMS was just as important as the look, which made buy-in from the client so much easier.

Redlines + Spec Documentation

The final deliverable was a style guide/redlines for Clickagee developers to build.

Subjective success metrics

--Number of self-service users (dental staff)

--Decrease in time spent managing website

--People highly satisfied with the product

--Users feel that the CMS has helped them easily update their website

--Referrals of WebXibit to other dental practices

Future steps and Learnings

This project was a three-week student project. There are more features that content management systems have that need to be built and tested:

Workflow – Permissions: If dentists want Clickagee to post blogs on their behalf, they need to decide if they want final approval. (Some office managers we talked to did not care to approve any content).

Versioning: investigate whether archiving or data retention would be helpful for reuse.

Governance: How much manipulation power are you giving your user? For example, if you offer direct manipulation and editing bar shows copy alignment, Clickagee will need to decide if they want to empower their users to make those kinds of changes in the layout

WebXhibit Main Page-1200px.jpg
WebXhibit-Dashboard Redline-1200px.jpg
WebXhibit-Dashboard Redline-1200px.jpg

WebXhibit Prototype

This prototype follows a users scenario of adding a blog post and checking analytics.